STUFH the Bus

Students Team Up To Fight Hunger (STUFH) conducts a nationwide food drive program at hundreds of college campuses across the country and would like to invite you to join. STUFH is a non-profit charitable organization committed to helping raise food for the hungry in local college communities, and this food drive program is designed to allow students at your university and others like it to make a difference in their local area. The food drive would not cost your university a penny, aside from the cost of copying flyers to advertise the drive.

The food drive –  “STUFH the BUS” – is a one time event involving the filling of a school bus with non-perishable goods that will be donated to the local food bank or food pantries in your area. The idea was initiated at the University of Central Missouri, resulting in 1136 pounds of food, 105 boxes of clothing and 4 shopping carts of school supplies.

The drive itself is simple and is outlined below:

  1. If you are interested, respond to this e-mail and we will connect you with the local food bank or food pantry in your area or to one of your own choosing;
  2. Select a location on or near campus to park the bus during the drive (which can last for as long or as short as you would like, but normally for about one week);
  3. Secure a bus from your university or from a local school bus company (if you have difficulty with this, we are happy to help);
  4. Decorate the bus with signs to encourage donations;
  5. Publicize the drive with flyers, posters, or electronic media; and
  6. Contact the food bank or food pantry to arrange for pick up.

STUFH will be available to assist in any way you need. Those interested can reach out to and further information and materials can be obtained on our website. STUFH does not make any money on these drives – it’s purpose is simply to help raise food for the hungry. With the help of your university and others around the country, college students can make a real difference for the many families in need.