Kennesaw State students back in form to help local food banks

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The newly re-chartered Kennesaw State University chapter of Circle K International is partnering with STUFH to organize food drives to close out the end of the fall semester on campus. Local leaders are working with the Must Ministry in Marietta, Georgia to provide food, clothing, and other items to help those in need from the area. Those who wish to do their part, like Kennesaw State, can get started with resources available online.

New STUFH the Bus Event Coming to Grand Valley State University

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Brenna Wyffels, the Service Chair for Grand Valley State University’s Circle K International says their club is interested in hosting a STUFH the Bus event for our on campus food pantry, Replenish. This is great news as the program continues to expand. For Brenna and all the other campus leaders out there who want to take on this effort with their communities, it’s easy to get started.

Start by heading to the “STUFH the Bus” link for general guidance. Once you clear the date and location with university officials, the key step is to locate a good size vehicle to “borrow” for the drive period (typically 3, 5, or 7 days), usually a school bus, fire engine, u-haul truck or anything else of size that may be available. Then plaster campus and the vehicle with posters inviting non-perishable items to fill the vehicle. There are start-up resources available on this website to help get you started with those. These events are well worth the effort!

To all who form their own Stuff the Bus events, we thank you for aiding our joint mission to feed the hungry.

End of the School Year Efforts Help Those in Need

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The end of the academic year is the perfect time to find unused food and clothing items stored in college residence halls and donate them to those in need. Longtime STUFH participant, University of Central Missouri, had another year of great results when students were called into action. Kristie Brinkley, Assistant Director of Student Activities, reports:

Here are our STUFH results for this year.  We collected food and clothing again and donated them to our local Food Pantry and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

  • Food: 1,063 lbs.
  • Clothing: 80 bags/boxes

Happy to be part of STUFH!

Kristie Brinkley, Assistant Director of Student Activities
Volunteer and Non-Traditional Students

If your school has put together a food or clothing drive to help neighbors in need, share your results in the comments below.

STUFH The Bus Efforts Continue to Expand

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The STUFH The Bus efforts continue to grow across the country. Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, is planning on their first STUFH The Bus effort this year. The school, about 45 minutes outside of Detroit, has this project being led by a student group from the Circle K club, a part of CKI. Pictures and reports will be available at the completion of the event this semester.

Squash Holiday Hunger with CKI

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STUFH’s CKI Ambassador, Jill Davidson, is managing the efforts of CKI clubs into joining the Squash Holiday Hunger drive effort on college campuses across America.

This time of year is, of course, the best opportunity to get support for efforts of this kind at colleges and universities across the country. It’s the busiest time for STUFH, and as the past has shown us, clubs will find great reception in the spirit of the holiday season.

STUFH and CKI encourage as many clubs as possible to hold their own STUFH the Bus events, end-of-the-semester food drives, or simply volunteer at local food shelters to support this campaign and help those less fortunate in their areas.

For more information on ways to get organize, take a look at our resources to help get you started.

Ending the Spring 2017 Semester With a Challenge

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Current CKI Ambassador Laura Belmont is helping the nation end the spring semester with action and reflection. After a successful Service Week in early April, the call now is to finish up with any missed opportunities to help those in need in our communities. And while we do that, Laura is asking that we reflect on our every day lives and how hunger would affect the things we do regularly. Understanding the difficulties that many people regularly face makes the charitable efforts you undertake have more meaning and impact for all.

See how you can get involved with the challenge via the Facebook Event page.

How would hunger affect you doing the hobbies you love?

Challenge 1: Think about the hobbies you love and why you love them. Then think about how battling hunger would impact these seemingly regular tasks.

What can thinking about where your favorite food comes from and how its made tell you about hunger in America?

Challenge 2: Think about your favorite food. Where is it from or how is it made. Then think about how difficult it is for those battling hunger to share the foods you love so regularly.


New Resource Guides Now Available

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Thanks to our dedicated CKI Ambassador Laura Belmont, there are five new resource guides for new participants in the battle to end hunger. From those interested in starting volunteer efforts like a campus Food Fight or STUFH the Bus campaign to those who simply want to work with friends to spread the word around campus, these informational documents will be a big help to drive success in your efforts. Download them all below:

New Toolkit to Help Engage Our Youth To Help End Hunger in America

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Sodexho has recently released a resource for students and youth to help them learn how to become involved in the fight to end hunger in America. Full details are below:

A new resource from Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation and Share Our Strength identifies best practices to engage youth to help end child hunger in America. The Youth Engagement Toolkit provides an understanding of “what works” in engaging youth, with tools that can be used to broaden the base and immediately engage youth.

We firmly believe that we cannot end childhood hunger without help from the next generation of young leaders. The toolkit includes key findings and best practices as well as online resources created by organizations and experts that have a strong reputation in engaging youth in ending hunger.

The content walks the audience through the understanding of why youth engagement is important, what motivates young adults to volunteer, what organizations are out there, actionable recommendations and immediate steps to engage youth. Download the complete toolkit at

Below are some resources to accompany the toolkit:

A recap of CKI’s work with STUFH through the 2015-16 academic year

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Joren Libunao, the previous year’s STUFH-CKI Ambassador, has recently graduated from the University of California, San Diego. To reflect on his and CKI’s work with STUFH through the previous academic year, he provides us with this recap of successful events and initiatives brought on by his leadership and CKI’s willing efforts to help fight hunger around our college campuses nationwide.

Squash Holiday Hunger campaign from November 22nd to December 27th

  • The biggest STUFH-related event of the year, Circle K and STUFH held a Squash Holiday Hunger joint campaign where CKI members from around the country were encouraged to participate in hunger-related service projects and share their experiences on the event page. Each of the other CKI service partner ambassadors shared their favorite hunger-related service project or why they believed hunger was a prevalent issue. Dozens of clubs participated and word spread on the international level about this campaign. Seeing as it was a month long activity, many clubs had time to plan a service project and execute it as well. It was met with much success.

Tomorrow Fund Grants

  • Circle K International has this grant given by Kiwanis International where clubs can apply for funding to make their service projects a reality. Some of the ones accepted involved hunger-related service projects, such as food backpacks and care packages.

“Service With a Glance” Newsletters

  • Every quarter we released a new newsletter that had updates and information on each CKI service partner. Every newsletter had a two page spread on STUFH updates, except for the last one which had three, one of which was the infographic you provided me.

Social Media Toolkits

  • Twice this year the other ambassadors and I were in charge of creating social media toolkits for individual Circle K clubs to use to promote whatever service partner they wanted to promote. I created several draft Facebook posts and shared some of the documents found on the STUFH page and encouraged clubs to share these with their members.

CKI Service Week

  • CKI Service Week is a week where each of the CKI service partners gets featured for a day and clubs need to participate in a service project related to that service partner. There was ample participation in STUFH-related service projects, mostly food banks and care packages.

CKI Service Fair

  • I was unable to attend Circle K International Convention this year sadly, but I sent in a video to report for STUFH to the Circle K membership. This was also where we recognized clubs for participating in CKI Service Week.

Great work by Joren, and a great job to help in the battle to fight hunger with CKI and STUFH. The next ambassador will have large shoes to fill.

Help Fight Hunger Near Campus With End of Year Student Food Drives

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End of year campus food drives

Food banks are year long operations, but unfortunately we tend to remember the hungry at holiday times and not during the long summer months when school is out. As Martha Henk, the Executive Director of the Food Bank of East Alabama noted, “Spring and Summer are often forgotten times when it comes to donating food.” That’s when colleges can step up to fill the empty food bank shelves with end of year move out food drives.

Please join our nationwide effort by holding a food drive as your students leave so they can discard their unwanted items in bins you place around campus. It’s surprisingly easy as your students turn their trash to treasure for the needy in your community. These food drives are a tremendous success at hundreds of universities around the country, so please join this effort which makes a difference for so many families and children who need our help.

View our resources to learn how to get started and how to organize your efforts as you join us in the war against hunger.