Ending the Spring 2017 Semester With a Challenge

Current CKI Ambassador Laura Belmont is helping the nation end the spring semester with action and reflection. After a successful Service Week in early April, the call now is to finish up with any missed opportunities to help those in need in our communities. And while we do that, Laura is asking that we reflect on our every day lives and how hunger would affect the things we do regularly. Understanding the difficulties that many people regularly face makes the charitable efforts you undertake have more meaning and impact for all.

See how you can get involved with the challenge via the Facebook Event page.

How would hunger affect you doing the hobbies you love?

Challenge 1: Think about the hobbies you love and why you love them. Then think about how battling hunger would impact these seemingly regular tasks.

What can thinking about where your favorite food comes from and how its made tell you about hunger in America?

Challenge 2: Think about your favorite food. Where is it from or how is it made. Then think about how difficult it is for those battling hunger to share the foods you love so regularly.


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