A recap of CKI’s work with STUFH through the 2015-16 academic year

Joren Libunao, the previous year’s STUFH-CKI Ambassador, has recently graduated from the University of California, San Diego. To reflect on his and CKI’s work with STUFH through the previous academic year, he provides us with this recap of successful events and initiatives brought on by his leadership and CKI’s willing efforts to help fight hunger around our college campuses nationwide.

Squash Holiday Hunger campaign from November 22nd to December 27th

  • The biggest STUFH-related event of the year, Circle K and STUFH held a Squash Holiday Hunger joint campaign where CKI members from around the country were encouraged to participate in hunger-related service projects and share their experiences on the event page. Each of the other CKI service partner ambassadors shared their favorite hunger-related service project or why they believed hunger was a prevalent issue. Dozens of clubs participated and word spread on the international level about this campaign. Seeing as it was a month long activity, many clubs had time to plan a service project and execute it as well. It was met with much success.

Tomorrow Fund Grants

  • Circle K International has this grant given by Kiwanis International where clubs can apply for funding to make their service projects a reality. Some of the ones accepted involved hunger-related service projects, such as food backpacks and care packages.

“Service With a Glance” Newsletters

  • Every quarter we released a new newsletter that had updates and information on each CKI service partner. Every newsletter had a two page spread on STUFH updates, except for the last one which had three, one of which was the infographic you provided me.

Social Media Toolkits

  • Twice this year the other ambassadors and I were in charge of creating social media toolkits for individual Circle K clubs to use to promote whatever service partner they wanted to promote. I created several draft Facebook posts and shared some of the documents found on the STUFH page and encouraged clubs to share these with their members.

CKI Service Week

  • CKI Service Week is a week where each of the CKI service partners gets featured for a day and clubs need to participate in a service project related to that service partner. There was ample participation in STUFH-related service projects, mostly food banks and care packages.

CKI Service Fair

  • I was unable to attend Circle K International Convention this year sadly, but I sent in a video to report for STUFH to the Circle K membership. This was also where we recognized clubs for participating in CKI Service Week.

Great work by Joren, and a great job to help in the battle to fight hunger with CKI and STUFH. The next ambassador will have large shoes to fill.

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