Help Fight Hunger Near Campus With End of Year Student Food Drives

End of year campus food drives

Food banks are year long operations, but unfortunately we tend to remember the hungry at holiday times and not during the long summer months when school is out. As Martha Henk, the Executive Director of the Food Bank of East Alabama noted, “Spring and Summer are often forgotten times when it comes to donating food.” That’s when colleges can step up to fill the empty food bank shelves with end of year move out food drives.

Please join our nationwide effort by holding a food drive as your students leave so they can discard their unwanted items in bins you place around campus. It’s surprisingly easy as your students turn their trash to treasure for the needy in your community. These food drives are a tremendous success at hundreds of universities around the country, so please join this effort which makes a difference for so many families and children who need our help.

View our resources to learn how to get started and how to organize your efforts as you join us in the war against hunger.

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