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Maraiza Thiago, a graduate student in Nutrition Education at Immaculata University (PA), is starting a STUFH chapter this fall and expects to raise food and awareness to fight hunger among the student body. Maraisa volunteers at their local food bank and hopes to increase student volunteerism at the bank in order to support the organization and promote student engagement.

Kristie Brinkley of the University of Central Missouri, once again reports that her students are anxiously looking forward to ther 15th Annual STUFH Drive this coming Spring. UCM was one of the first universities in the country to initiate a STUFH The Bus Food Drive several years ago.

Joren LibunaoA new STUFH-CKI Ambassador has been named for the 2015-16 school year. This year, Joren Libunao will take over for Alex Nguyen. Joren introduces himself to us in a short biography below:

Hey there! My name is Joren Libunao, and I will be serving as your 2015-2016 CKI-STUFH Ambassador. I am currently a student at the University of California, San Diego going into my fourth and final year of college as a Management Science Major with a Business Minor. I'm not entirely sure what career path I want to follow, so I have been doing my best to keep my options open. I am leaning towards a career that assists people with their financial needs and making fiscally responsible decisions. However, community service is a different passion I discovered in college with Circle K.

I've done many different kinds of service projects, but one of my favorites that I look forward to every week is volunteering at our local food bank, Feeding America San Diego. There, our club volunteers to do many different tasks. One week we would glean, meaning to check for mold or other problems, thousands of pounds of fruits or vegetables to be sent to local schools to feed children, and another week we would be categorizing packaged foods and checking their expiration dates to be sent to poverty-stricken neighborhoods and soup kitchens. While we don't usually get to see the direct impact, it's still one of the most productive and impactful service projects I get to do, which is why I love it so much.

I encourage people to take the time to go volunteer at their local food bank, because from what I have seen, people have enjoyed these service projects the most because it's a lot of fun, it's very busy, and you make a lasting impact on local communities. You can even sometimes ask the coordinators to assist you in starting a food drive with your school. Every fruit, vegetable, or packaged food you help collect and sort goes a long way.

Joren expects to be involved with many projects over the coming year. 


Over 200 universities are involved with anti hunger drives in the United States taking part in a wide variety of actions and organized efforts to help end the battle against hunger. At Baylor University, the Drive to Hunger Awareness event was created to teach students about the issue of domestic hunger and how they can make a collective impact.

The event took place this past November where Campus Kitchen was responsible for the food drive, and all of the donations distributed amongst their partner agencies in the community. Along with the food drive, a panel of speakers were organized to discuss hunger in the state and how students can address the issue on a deeper level.

Taylor McKinney, Texas Hunger Initiative (THI) breakfast outreach specialist, gave an overview of hunger in the state and county. A World Hunger Relief Farm representative discussed how students can get involved with community organizations. Three student representatives from Campus Kitchen discussed how students can get involved in anti-hunger work on the Baylor campus. And Riya Rahman, Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry Youth Ambassador at THI, discussed how students can address hunger through political advocacy.

A fantastic effort by all involved. For more information, visit the Texas Hunger Initiative blog and read Challenging Stereotypes: Students Can Have a Significant Impact in the Fight to End Hunger.


STUFH Let's Squash Hunger recognition application thumbnailThe Thanksgiving holidays bring to us a time for efforts to help out those less fortunate in sharing the bounty of harvests and meals, who may be hungry or unable to provide meals to their families and loved ones. This year, college service organizations were invited to sponsor a "Let's Squash Hunger Food Drive" on November 24-25.

The International Service Committee of Circle K International and STUFH Ambassador Alex Nguyen would like to recognize participating clubs' involvement in this year's Let's Squash Hunger efforts at the International Convention in Indianapolis, IN. To participate, simply fill out the application found to the right and submit to Applications must be submitted by Saturday, January 31st @11:59PM PST.


Baylor University is doing wonderful work to fight hunger in Texas through an organized food drive and dedicated student participation.

I work for Texas Hunger Initiative, and I am trying to increase student engagement on campus in regards to anti-hunger work. I would like to organize a campus wide food drive in correspondence with the Food for Families food drive in November. I am also interested in getting students involved and creating their own chapter of STUFH.

Riya Rahman
No Kid Hungry Youth Ambassador


A recap of the first year with the local STUFH chapter at the University of Texas at Austin was shared with great results. Read below for the full details.

The first year of STUFH at the University of Texas at Austin was a success. We teamed up with the Capital Area Food Bank who provided us with great educational material about food insecurity in Austin and the surrounding areas. Most of our efforts were focused on becoming involved with other organizations on campus and providing food insecurity awareness to the students as well as helping them implement food drives within their organizations. We also held a "Fraternity Food Fight" that consisted of some healthy competition for a good cause and raised several hundred pounds of food. Being involved with STUFH has provided me and others with many memorable experiences and I am very appreciative of the opportunity to become involved with this movement. I will keep you updated regarding the continuation of this chapter at UT.

Kelsey Cobler

Learn more on how to start a local STUFH chapter at your college.


A new STUFH-CKI Ambassador has been named for the 2014-15 school year in Alex Nguyen of Orange Coast College. A quick biography is below:

Alex NguyenHello! My name is Alex D. Nguyen and I will be serving as the 2014-2015 Circle K - STUFH Ambassador. I am currently a third-year attending Orange Coast College majoring in Public Health with a double major in Asian Studies and a minor in Education. With Public Health, I would like to work in a clinical setting whether it'd be dentistry, medicine, or behavior and cognition, as well as help educate the community, especially in third-world countries, about the many things they can do to improve their personal health, family health, emotional health, and so much more. One of my favorite service projects is called Kelly's Closet, where my home club and the surrounding Kiwanis Family branches come together to help underprivileged children shop for clothes, supplies, and other essentials for the upcoming school year and afterwards, we host a carnival for them to enjoy themselves and have fun with their mentors. You really do get a chance to bond with these kids and get to know their story and mentor them. Service is really an amazing tenet in Circle K. It really helps us connect with not only each other, but our community as well. Service gives us the opportunity to give back to our community what it has given us to make us who we are. I encourage everyone to do something to help their community today whether it is doing something small-scale like packaging boxes of canned foods for the homeless or large-scale like renovating a rundown school!


Some new results from recent food drives have been reported.

The sixth year of the Summit League Food Fight recently concluded. Vanessa Obrochta reports that this year, member schools raised a combined 58,822.75 lbs. of food in the sixth year of the Summit League Food Fight. South Dakota State took home the Food Fight title, bringing in 25,347.46 lbs. The final results release can be found here:

Vanessa and the Summot League consistently do a great job to help the less fortunate around their area and beyond. The Summit League has raised over a quarter of a million pounds of food since they began their food fight program six years ago, which is a great example of community engagement to help the less fortunate around us.


Students at two universities are planning new stufh chapters this summer. Emily Knipp at the University of Maine at Orono and Jennifer Germano at Life university in Atlanta, Georgia have contacted STUFH filing their intention to start stufh chapters at their respective colleges. If you are interested in starting a local chapter at your university, contact us for guidance.


The newest STUFH-CKI Ambassador has been named. Michael Zhou, from the University of California-Berkely, will take over resposibilities for the remainder of the school year and more. He provided a biography to share:

Michael Zhou, STUFH-CKI AmbassadorHello! My name is Michael Zhou and I will be serving as the new Circle K-STUFH Ambassador for the remaining term. I am a second year currently attending college at the University of California, Berkeley in the Cal-Nev-Ha District of CKI. I'm thinking of obtaining a degree in Chemical Engineering and a possible double major in Public Health as well! My choice in this major is to help out with my end goal of entering research with fuel and gas. In the future I want to not only make a difference in a large scale, but also in the local community. One of my favorite service projects that my home club hosts is a local soup kitchen called Loaves & Fishes. Unlike conventional soup kitchens where you hand out food or serve the guests dinner, at Loaves & Fishes you have the opportunity to sit down with the guests and talk to them about life.

This term as the Circle K-STUFH Ambassador my main goals are to provide more recognition for the clubs, incentives to host projects for hunger initiatives, and easy-to-use resources for the membership. If you have any questions about this international service partner or want to be recognized for your efforts in hunger initiatives, feel free to contact me!

*Information* Email:


Before students go on Spring Break, Students Team Up To Fight Hunger (STUFH) is sponsoring a "Give The Hungry A Break Before Spring Break" Food Drive. We invite all service organizations to join this effort of helping provide for the needy in our communities during the first weeks of March. The college which raises the most food in each state will be featured on with photos of their involved students.

Remember, the hungry need our help year round--they get no break! Please contact us if you need further information.


The annual food fight competition between Auburn and Alabama recently concluded. This year, the University of Alabama raised 299,398 to Auburn's 169,702. With all of the excitement and drama of the recent Iron Bowl football game, Martha Henk, of the Food Bank of East Alabama, reminds all participants "as we always say, there are no losers in this competition and we are very grateful for the food this drive generates." A total of 469,000 pounds of food is a fantastic result for both Alabama and Auburn to be proud of.


With the end of 2013 approaching with the holiday season, STUFH is encouraging food drives when most people are happy and blessed and too many families and children are searching for basic food to quell hunger. Students should take the opportunity this season to help feed their hungry neighbors. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the perfect times to help the less fortunate. With the collective efforts of all, we can squash hunger on Thanksgiving and fill appetites through the holiday season with much needed food for our local food banks.

Some examples of holiday efforts:
The University of Central Missouri promotes an effort to collect food every year for the local "Christmas Store". It is held in conjunction with the Food Center and local churches, who ask for items to make a holiday meal for a family. A great response from many students is typical.

A great Food Drive a was held on a recent Saturday by the San Antonio Food Bank with University of Incarnate Word. Food bank president Eric Cooper had the privilege of speaking to several hundred students, which he referred to as "Truly an awesome experience to be with our future leaders."


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